Concrete Sealers

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Concrete Sealer Supplies

If you want to protect your concrete, a quality sealer can go a long way. At EZ Concrete Supply, we have several concrete sealer supplies to help you ensure your cement lasts longer against weather elements, stains, and other damage.

You’ll find water-based epoxy products, acrylic sealers, and top-coat supplies. Whether you choose a water-based or solvent-based product, you’ll receive the same durable outcome with UV and weather protection. If you have any questions about which product is best for your application, let us know and we can guide you to the right choice.

Protect your cement from weather damage and unwanted stains—shop our concrete sealer supplies now.

  • NCP Acrylic Sealer 30Quick View
    • NCP Acrylic Sealer 30Quick View
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    • NCP Acrylic Sealer 30

    • $146.95
    • INSTRUCTIONS: ALWAYS USE GOOD VENTILATION WHEN USING ACRYLIC 30%. ​​ 1. Acrylic 30 may be applied by brush, roller, or pump up sprayer. Apply a thin uniform coat at the rate of approximately 400 ft2 (40 m2) per gallon. 2. Allow coating to dry for 4–6 hours and apply a second coating for maximum durability. Allow to dry at least…
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  • NCP Cure & Seal 5 GallonQuick View
  • Gladiator Water Based EpoxyQuick View
    • Gladiator Water Based EpoxyQuick View
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    • Gladiator Water Based Epoxy

    • $204.70
    • How To Use  Add four parts by volume of Part A to one part of Part B and blend thoroughly until completely mixed.  Must be used immediately.  Pot life is one hour.  Apply by brush, roller or spray.  Dry to touch in 2-3 hours.  A second coat can be applied in eight hours. Coverage First Coat: 400-500 Sq. Ft per…
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  • True Shield Hydrophobic SealerQuick View