Surface Prep & Polishing Tools

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Concrete Polishing Tools

Many things separate a professional concrete job from an amateur one, but the finishing process is one key component. Proper surface prep ensures your cement will accept sealers, coating products, or decorative overlays. Once you have the right machine for the job, you’ll need the right concrete polishing tools to go with it.

Outfit your surface prep equipment with our cement polishing supplies. These wheels, cups, and pads provide flexibility to grind, edge, and polish your cement. Our selection features different thread sizes and options, so you can choose what’s right for your application.

Make sure your surface is smooth, level, and properly prepped for your project’s final stages. Shop our concrete polishing tools now.

  • K9 Trap Double Bar Quick View
  • Lavina Single Button 16/20 Soft Quick View
  • Lavina 2 PCD Single Bar Quick View