NCP Acid Stain


  1. Clean concrete with EZ Super Clean to remove dirt or stains, and Cleaner & Degreaser to remove any oily deposits.  Be sure that the surface is free of any sealants or coatings.
  2. Apply stain with acid brush, sponge, or plastic spraying in the color and technique of your choice.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly.  Drying time will vary according to surface conditions and humidity.  Next, wash or damp wipe residue from surface.
  4. Allow to completely dry again(usually at least 24 hrs.), and apply sealer to enrich and protect your finished product.
  5. For internal projects, EZ WB Epoxy or EZ WB Acrylic is strongly recommended; for external projects, EZ Acrylic Sealer is recommended to protect and keep your floor looking new.


250-400 Sq. Ft. per Gallon depending on application technique and/or surface conditions.  Can be diluted up to 1:1 with water.  Dilution will make finished product lighter in color.