Wolf Vac 2 Auto

Wolf Vac 2 auto clean   is a twin motors Auto pulsing HEPA dust extractor.It is the most popular model for the medium size concrete floor grinders. The 2 commercial grade Ameterk motors provide 258 cfm and 100 inch water lift.Operators can control the motors independently when different power is wanted. It features Wolf Pack innovative Auto pulsing technology,which solves the pain of frequently stopping to pulse or manually clean the filters ,allowing the operator 100% uninterrupted working, labor saving greatly. When fine dust is inhaled into the lungs, it is extremely harmful to the body, this vacuum build with high standard 2- stage HEPA filtration system.The first stage equipped with two cylindrical filters rotated self cleaning.When one filter is cleaning, the other is keep vacuuming, you don’t have to worry about clogging any more.The second stage has 2pcs H13 HEPA filter individually tested and certified with EN1822-1 and IEST RP CC001.6 standard.This high-performing unit meets OSHA’s dust collector requirements and helps provide a cleaner, healthier work site. Like all Wolf Pack Vacuums , Wolf Vac2 auto is equipped with continuous drop-down dust collection into the bagging system so you can enjoy mess-free dustless disposal. It comes along with 2″ hose, S wand and floor tools.This ultra-portable dust collector easily moves around congested floor and loads easily into a van or truck when transported.